7 Great Tips for NFT Community Management

NFT Community Management

Many NFT communities are currently overcrowded, with hundreds of new people joining every day and NFT dumps crashing websites and, as we enter another crypto bull run, with these projects now permitting staking and other DeFi alternatives, this explosive growth will only continue if you hare the right NFT Community Management service.

This growth is a good thing. It’s great to see so many people, whether they are crypto folks or not, wanting to get involved to invest and trade NFTs. But with this level of growth comes the need for a very focused NFT community management strategy.

NFT Community Management isn’t difficult; it just needs a little time, patience, and forethought, however we recommend to let us take care of that while you can focus more on your project.

Overall the ideas are similar to those of any other online community; they simply need to be tweaked for NFT land’s undiscovered waters and that’s why it becomes important to have a great approach with NFT Community Management.

So, as a seasoned strategy and community marketing professional, here are my tips for any DeFixNFT community that is just getting off the ground:

1 – Be aware of your objectives.

Although this may seem self-evident, I’ve seen a lot of brands and organizations establish new channels without having a clear understanding of what they want to accomplish with that channel.

Then, months later, they find themselves with a beast on their hands and the unpleasant duty of directing it. It’s not enjoyable.
Setting objectives may appear to be a difficult task, but it may also be simple. The key is to keep things simple. The following are some examples of good community goals:

  • Users should be developed and educated.
  • More developers should be aware of our Protocol.
  • Create engagement around your NFT Project.

The ideal situation here is to get down with your internal team and seek alignment on these objectives (and for how long they should be your goals).

These are the cases where the NFT Community Management strategy you are adopting may make a big difference.

2 – Make It Simple For The Newbies.

It is critical to educate new users. And it must never, ever, stop as part of a good NFT Community Management practice.
Many DeFi firms, in my experience, completely overlook the importance of basic training on how to use their DApp, how to get started, where to begin, and so on.

When these organizations first start out, they usually put a lot of emphasis on education, but after they accomplish their first few key growth milestones, they soon abandon it. They frequently rely on user-generated educational content (such as YouTube videos and unofficial manuals), but this isn’t always what a newcomer is looking for.

New users are looking for guidance. Nothing is more intimidating than walking into a Discord server and discovering that there are over 5000 users. You have no idea where to begin and are too afraid to ask, this is also one of the reason why it is important to have a NFT Community Management plan to achieve success.

When new community members join, give them a simple (but rewarding) initial task or path. Make them play a game, make a meme, read a certain guide, or post a message in a channel for social tokens. Anything! Also, make sure these instructions are pinned to the top of the first channel they see, or that the mods are trained to properly ingest all new users.

3 – Make sure to be always there for your community

This is a no-brainer.

DeFi trades around the clock, as do NFTs (obviously), and users will be as well. It’s as simple as designating a few community members as unofficial mods and asking them to keep an eye out after hours to provide round-the-clock coverage.

One more reason to make sure to check our NFT Community Management solutions!

4 – Get the best out of Analytics

Analytics are available in every social tool in the universe (yes, even Discord and Telegram). Growing your community begins with a raw data spreadsheet or, at the absolute least, a beautiful dashboard.

The majority of the time, community analytics are useful for getting a bird’s eye view. It’s all too easy to get lost in the weeds of a community and become overly focused on specific debates — but analytics help us remember how far we’ve gone and where we are now.

If you chose to work with us you will not need to worry about this aspect since it’s part of our NFT Community Management plan.

5 – Your leadership is important

Mods that put in a lot of effort and are upbeat are well-liked by everyone. However, no DeFi or NFT group is complete without a strong leadership presence.

Many individuals support DeFi and NFTs because they aim to establish new financial systems that eliminate the disadvantages of the old ones. One of the disadvantages is the lack of transparency from the top down.
A prominent leadership presence, whether it’s the CEO, Lead Developer, Founder, or even Marketing Lead, will assist the strongest communities.

When there is clear and apparent accountability within the organization, new and existing users will take on a far more favorable tone, do not dismiss the importance of this.

6 – Give them a reason to come back

For the most part, the DeFi and NFT worlds are addicting. It’s a drug, with tokenized prizes, flash challenges, community activities, and constant volatility. And, for better or worse, we’re all on it.

The most powerful and effective communities know how to strike a balance between high user interaction and valuable content, this is obviously possible with a good knowledge of NFT Community Management. We understand how to keep users coming back every day to check what’s new, what’s going on, and what’s available.

This could take the form of:

  • Community activities that are exciting, instructive, and rewarding
  • Surprising treats and surprises (i.e. airdrops)
  • Calls for user-generated content that is both simple and enjoyable (memes)
  • Calls for more complicated UGC (community members’ ideas/suggestions)
  • Live panels/discussions about the project’s future.

7 – Make sure they share it!

What is it about your community that people adore, and why?

Because your community can harness that viral tangibility and export it via the users, the answer will be the key to raising awareness.

Of course, asking people to spread the word about your project to their friends and other communities isn’t always the best idea (especially if they have a personal referral code, which makes it look even more contrived). However, many individuals are excited to learn of new ideas, so don’t be so self-conscious.

My recommendation is to establish an organic and comfortable manner for your community to express their enthusiasm with others (in a way that rewards them) and to ensure internal alignment before deploying and make sure to have a professional handling this aspects of NFT Community Management.

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It’s time to shine with a great NFT Community Management strategy.

As we discussed in this article there are many things you can do to keep your channel interesting, engaging and successful.

However, there are so many aspects that you should consider, it’s vital for your NFT project to have a solid strategy when it comes to NFT Community Management, you are lucky if you have been reading this article because that’s exactly what we can help you with.

Get in touch with us to find out more on how to make your project a success story!

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