NFT Discord Slang: 6 Terms You Should Know

NFT Discord Slang

If you’re going to stay in the NFT world for the long term, you’ll need to stay on top of more than just popular collections and market behavior, which means you need to get familiar with NFT Discord Slang. Joining one of the many Discord communities dedicated to a specific collection is one way to stay on top of everything going on in this (until now) closed world of digital assets and profile pic (PFP) initiatives. 

Naturally, each NFT collection is unique, with its own personality, creative sensibilities, and subtle quirks. However, other things, such as the language required to absorb and comprehend what is being spoken, are identical across nearly every NFT Discord channel. So, with some insights, we will try to break it down for you and help you to know more about NFT Discord Slang.

Let’s start with an introductory vocabulary of acronyms and expressions you’ll find in any Discord channel at some point. 

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WAGMI means for We’re All Gonna Make It, and it’s one of the first acronyms you’ll need to learn in this field (or alternatively, We Are Gonna Make It). It means exactly what you think it means: everyone in this Discord will soon be filthy rich, hopefully.

However, if you notice WAGMI popping up in the Discord channel with increasing frequency and perhaps urgency it could mean one of two things: the floor price has risen 0.04 percent because someone fat-fingered a “buy” button somewhere, or it could mean the death rattle of a doomed NFT project, where despite everything the devs left 2 months ago to buy Lambos.

Plus, everyone who understands physics or other mysterious cosmic laws knows that victory isn’t announced until it occurs. That isn’t what it means to “make it.” 

Need Liquidity 

Need Liquidity is perhaps one of the easies world in NFT Discord Slang to understand, however let’s get into the details!

Liquidity is required. I’m short on cash. Everyone requires liquidity. If you say this in a Discord channel, it means one of two things: a.) You’ve just realized you’re financially overextended, and if you don’t sell your bundle of weird and maybe not so popular NFTs ASAP, you’ll be back to your uncle’s hot dog stand in Queens; or b.) You immediately regret aping into this project because another project that launched an hour after yours is going parabolic while yours isn’t. 

Need liquidity is the Discord equivalent of “my dog ate my schoolwork,” so save yourself the embarrassment, study a few life lessons, and prepare for a season of warm hot dog water and disgrace. We’ve all been in that situation. 


Fear Of Missing Out, or FOMO, is responsible for approximately 97 percent of poor decision making in the NFT space (the remaining 3% is typically attributed to drugs and alcohol), and before I explain the sinister nature of FOMO, it’s important to understand that it’s perfectly natural, and it’s what makes us all human, that is, susceptible to sophistry and group-think; that is, a little stupid.

For example, in the time it takes me to write this entry, I’ll have missed out on at least 3 to 4 projects that I’ll regret if I don’t jump in now while the price is low. Keep a watch out for new drops, whether it’s via a tweet from an influencer or a Discord announcement in the #alpha channel.

Curious about how particular and funny NFT Discord Slang is? Keep scrolling down then!

NFT Discord Slang


Do Your Own Research (DYOR) has become a passive/aggressive catch-all for individuals seeking to absolve themselves of responsibility for promoting their own project/NFT bags in reckless and deceptive ways. 

Anyone who types “DYOR” is presumed to have done their own research, so the acronym has an unspoken gravitas to it, where any challenge to the given premise can be met with an assertive “DYOR,” thus providing the tautological intimidation to which I am particularly susceptible.

But don’t get me wrong. It’s critical to DYOR if you want to succeed in the NFT sector, but it’s not required, which is where we get into difficulty.


I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like a yelling gladiator or centurion, or really anyone dressed in face paint and a kilt, to remind me of the significance of sticking to my NFTs. 

HODL stands for “Hold On for Dear Life,” and if you see HODL start to appear in Discord, be cautious: For me, HODL stands for “I’ve spread myself too thin again and don’t have enough ETH to FOMO into this next NFT project that everyone else is aping into.”

Similarly, if HODL memes and GiFs are taking over the Discord channel, I’m very sure this project is on its way to mediocrity, just as the mediocrity of utilizing over-saturated cliches and images of Hollywood warriors to make my desperate point.


I know I’m doing everything correctly when someone in the Discord channel calls me NGMI (Not Gonna Make It). In theory, NGMI is the polar opposite of WAGMI, however, the two acronyms have deceptively similar functions. When I get an NGMI epithet flung at me, I like to think about why I’m being attacked in this way.

In the crypto context, NGMI is used to stress the point that a crypto investor could miss a huge profit on a certain trade.

For a beginner crypto investor, knowing the meaning of NGMI could help you understand the market conditions quickly. For example, you would know what coins other investors fear they could miss profits on and why so you can align your trades correctly.

For many people this is also one of the hardest words in NFT Discord Slang because, well, let’s say it, it’s not so easy to remember.

Afraid of NGMI?
That’s why we’re here: LFG!
Let’s get CT eyes on your
project and WAGMI!

Didn’t get any of that?
You definitely need our help.

Familiarizing with NFT Discord Slang 

We hope that this article is helpful to you so that you can finally understand more about what happens around the many NFT Discord Servers.Without knowing these words you may feel cut out from the conversation so better be on it and make your way in the community!

Let us know if you would like to find our more popular words related to NFT Discord Slang!

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